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Busting the Myths: 7 Reasons to Try CBD Coffee

Busting the Myths: 7 Reasons to Try CBD Coffee

Can’t function without a morning coffee, but come to dread the jitters that come with too much caffeine consumption? CBD coffee could be the answer to fuelling your productivity, all while ensuring you don’t fall foul of a caffeine comedown. So is CBD coffee the perfect wonder -product for you, and how can it help benefit your everyday life? 

Soothe stressed skin 
Thanks to the high levels of antioxidants that are packed into cannabidiol, making CBD coffee a regular part of your morning routine can have great benefits on the outside as well as the inside. From wrinkles to acne, sipping on a cup of CBD coffee can boost your skin’s natural barriers, calming irritated skin and helping you achieve a glow that looks like you’ve got your eight hours in every night. 

Calm your workload worries 
When you’ve got a deadline looming, it’s easy to let your workload worries get the better of you. CBD coffee reacts with your endocannabinoid system to calm your nerves, making it easier for you to focus on the tasks you need to complete. Taking in a relaxing cup of CBD coffee lessens your anxiety, allowing you to focus on the job in hand without being consumed by worries. 

Knuckle down with an admin afternoon 
Dreading an afternoon spent getting through all the daily chores that have mounted up? Helping you achieve the clarity you need to focus on one one task at a time, CBD coffee lets you get through your to do list in no time. Additionally, CBD coffee increases the serotonin levels that work towards your wellbeing, making getting through the daily grind that little bit more simple. By up ping your serotonin, you can also be sure that you’ll enjoy the tasks you’re doing too. 

Keep a consistently clear head 
If you’ve got a big research project or an afternoon of crunching the numbers ahead of you, CBD coffee can help clear your head. By removing the caffeine jitters that come from a constant carousel of coffee, CBD coffee lets you enjoy the energy boost you get from caffeine, without the comedown that results when your coffee hit wears off. This means that whatever you’re getting stuck into, CBD coffee will make sure you’re firing on all cylinders for no matter how long your project continues for. 

Ease your aches and pains post-workout 
Usually head straight for a protein shake when you’ve got through your daily gym workout? Instead of filling your body with chemicals, enjoying a CBD coffee means you can soothe your muscle aches and pains post-workout. Proven to act as a natural form of pain relief,  CBD will make sure aching muscles are a thing of the past, so you can get back to your next workout in no time. 

Crack your sugar cravings 
Rather than refuelling with junk food, energy drinks or constant caffeine hits, CBD coffee can help your boost last longer. This means that instead of reaching for endless sugary snacks, your daily CBD coffee could be enough to see you through a productive day worry-free. Upping your energy levels in this way will work towards your physical and mental wellbeing in the long run, helping you make healthier choices, and making sure you have more than enough energy to take each busy day you have in your stride.

Up your antioxidant levels 
Can’t stay away from a caffeine kick, but hate feeling sluggish and bloated? Pure forms of the highest quality CBD contain high levels of antioxidants and vitamins, so when you enjoy a cup of CBD coffee, you’re nourishing your body as well as getting that much-needed caffeine hit.  Want to find out more about the types of CBD coffee you can incorporate into your daily routine? Here at 3CBD, we’ve sourced the highest quality, purest CBD products for you to wash away your worries with. Pop into our shop to find out more about the benefits of CBD.


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