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Getting your Eight Hours In: How Can CBD Help You Wind Down?

Getting your Eight Hours In: How Can CBD Help You Wind Down?

Stuck in a vicious circle of being unable to wind down? Whether your thoughts never seem to slow down or you find yourself waking up every night, losing the ability to wind down can have a serious impact on your health. Luckily, as research into CBD and other natural remedies evolve, the highest quality CBD products are available to help you get into the best possible habits when it comes to your wind down. 

What is insomnia? 
Ever woken up feeling like you’ve not had nearly enough sleep to face the day? Insomnia occurs when you regularly have difficulty sleeping. We normally separate sleep into three stages: getting to sleep, staying asleep, and waking up normally. You should feel refreshed and relaxed when you wake up. If your wind down routine is causing you stress, you could consider incorporating CBD products into your bedtime habits, making sure you drop off feeling perfectly peaceful every evening. 

How can sleeping problems affect your life? 
Over ⅓ of people in the UK suffer from insomnia, and it can affect each sufferer in a variety of different ways. It’s normal to feel short-tempered when you haven’t been able to get a full night’s sleep in, but did you know a long term lack of sleep can impact everything from your immune system, to your weight,  to your blood pressure? If your body hasn’t managed to get the rest it needs, your metabolism can slow down, you’ll produce more of the stress hormone cortisol, and your immune system will struggle to form the protective cells you need to fend off illness and disease. Using CBD to soothe your stress so you can get to sleep quickly makes sure your body has time to rest and recuperate.

How can CBD help you wind down? 
Insomnia and sleep problems occur when your body doesn’t get the chance to wind down properly, usually thanks to four key factors; stress, lifestyle, environment and pain. Working to soothe your stress receptors, CBD products like balms, oils and tinctures can help you realign the environment around you to wind down for the best possible sleep. 

One of the main reasons many people find themselves struggling to wind down properly is due to a stressful lifestyle. Whether you’ve had a tricky working day, or personal problems are on your mind, stress can have a huge impact on your ability to fall asleep. Taking CBD before you go to bed can help regulate your circadian rhythm, making you dream less and ensuring that you can wind down no matter what’s playing on your mind. It’s for this reason that CBD is widely used to soothe feelings of anxiety and panic too, interacting with your stress receptors to wind down your racing thoughts. 

Sometimes, your sleep can be affected by issues outside your control, like working in shift patterns, on call, or if you have young children. While not being able to stick to a regular sleep pattern can be frustrating, there are a few ways you can make sure that the sleep you are getting is of the highest quality possible. Taking the time to invest in a wind down routine with the help of a CBD oil, balm or tincture will help your body create its own habits no matter how out of sorts you feel. 

Creating the right environment is crucial to helping you wind down in order to enjoy the best night’s sleep possible. If your bedroom is too hot or too cold, too noisy or there are light sources around you, you’ll find it much more difficult to drop off, and stay fast asleep. Changing up your space to make sure your bedroom is only used to sleep in, enjoying a cup of CBD peppermint tea and making sure you don’t look at a screen before you turn in for the night are all ways you can help yourself wind down for the night.     

Finally, if you’re suffering from any pain or discomfort, it’s likely your night time wind down routine is the time when you’re most affected. Maintaining a stable sleep routine is almost impossible when you have a niggling ache or pain that just won’t go away. Applying CBD balm topically, or placing CBD oil underneath your tongue as part of your wind down routine can help soothe your pain, making sure that your pain doesn’t stop you from living a full and active life.  Interested in the ways CBD can help you begin a healthier wind down routine? Here at 3CBD, we stock only the highest quality CBD products to make sure you get your eight hours in the healthiest way. Head over to our product pages to find the missing piece to your wind down routine.

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