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Provacan CBD Oil 600mg


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Quick Overview

  • ● Provacan Hemp CBD Oil (600mg) contains a minimum of 200 drops per
    ● Contains CBD + a full range of active phytocannabinoids
    ● Enriched and enhanced with a full spectrum of active cannabinoids
    ● Boosted terpene profile for enhanced entourage effect





Product Description

Want to try a proven full-spectrum CBD oil formula? Containing 8% Guaranteed Total
Cannabinoid Content (GTCC) in every single bottle, Provacan’s award winning formula is
designed for broad use with boosted cannabinoids. Provacan 6% pure CBD Oil contains a
guaranteed minimum 600mg of CBD per 10ml bottle, which means you’ll receive a potent
3mg serving of CBD in every single drop you take. Provacan pure CBD oil is enhanced with
a full-spectrum blend of active hemp cannabinoids including CBDv, CBG and CBDa, all
which possess their own unique additional benefits.

CBD-rich hemp contains many more active compounds other than CBD. In fact, cannabis
contains well over 80 active cannabinoids, many of which have been studied, and are known
to possess their own range of health-related benefits. Research has shown that the benefits
of pure CBD oil are amplified in the presence of other active, naturally occurring hemp
compounds. Known as ‘the entourage effect’, this phenomenon is the reason why we
include the entire range of hemp compounds in our award-winning Provacan pure CBD oil

Our 100% legally grown, hemp-based Provacan CBD oil formula offers a broad-use, full
spectrum blend of cannabinoids unlike any other product on the UK market. All Provacan
CBD products for sale in the United Kingdom contain less than 0.05% THC in line with
government guidelines.



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